Help track monarchs and milkweeds in Wyoming this summer.  It's free, easy and fun for the whole family! 


How to Volunteer:

1.  Sign up for our mailing list (see left column)

wyobiologo-web-225.png2.  Submit observations!  All observations of monarch adults, caterpillars and eggs, as well as milkweed plants go into WyoBio, a citizen science web portal for Wyoming.  It's easy to use - register, add an observation, and immediately see it on a map.  (click here for the how-to video)  Pictures are essential!!

3.  Repeat!  Keep looking for and submitting observations of monarchs and milkweeds.


Then What?

Once you submit observations to WyoBio, they will be reviewed by a scientist and approved if correct and put into our growing database that helps us understand where these wonderful butterflies and plants live.  You will get feedback on your observations within a couple of weeks!